Just the Beginning – mobile from the past to the future

I could not have picked a better day to write this blog, the end of the year today we literally move from the past to the future. Something that is and will continue to happen with the mobile world we are submerged in. First of all the “Get Mobile” conference came straight after a 4 week group project to make our very own web app, thanks to Jampot. Once i heard that not only Jampot but Nokia and Microsoft would be speaking I was actually really excited for this conference. Opening the whole thing was Theo Lynn who informed our seminar that mobile is not solely confined to cell phones but that it is a whole eco system where cell phones are just a tiny component. After this short opening e dove straight into each speakers personal views of what mobile is and where it was going.

Dominic Muldoon the Business Developer/Sales Strategy and Execution for Púca saw mobile as the only way forward for business marketing. This was just reinforced with his statistics, 74% of the world have cell phones and 91% of these are smart phones. I found this quite shocking however it did highlight that marketing in the present and future would be done through mobile. Dominic mention two very successful mobile campaigns for Bulmers Cider and for West Coast Cooler. Both had used mobile to directly interact with their customers, Bulmers gave away prizes while West Coast Cooler gave away a free drink. I personally think these were perfect examples as everyone in the audience can relate to them. He ended on the description of ho far mobile has come in just a short period and it’s importance now a day. If you forget your wallet at home you’ll borrow some money, however forget your cell phone at home and you’ll turn right around to get it, so true.!

Eoin Cruise from Nokia spoke about how mobile is a really competitive market moving at, what I later learned was an alarming speed. What really impacted me were his questions, who had a cellphone? Almost everyone’s hand shot up. Who had ever owed a Nokia phone? Again most hand’s were in the air. I remember my very first cell hone was a Nokia and I’m pretty sure I share this experience with most of the students at that conference. However when he asked who owns a Nokia phone now it was only a few hand’s that were up. How could Nokia go from almost complete dominance of mobile, practically the Father of cellphones and now doesn’t even have 10% of market share. Extraordinary example of how fast things change.! however with their controversial  and new partnership with Microsoft this may turn around, at least Patrick Ward from Microsoft  believed so. A full demonstration of windows 8 on a tablet then phone proved to me that the Nokia Lumia in my opinion is a better smart phone than the Iphone. Hopefully others appreciate it so that Nokia along side Microsoft can carry on in mobile.

We then took a quick intermission to get a bit to eat, something to drink but most importantly to go see our apps. Every team’s app was on display upstairs in the Helix and I really enjoyed seeing how all my groups hard work had finally manifested into an amazing app.!

After the break Louise Phelan the Vice President of PayPal took mobile in a completely new direction. Paying for goods or services online and even trough your cell phone. I was astonished at the immense number of people who have used PayPal, although having said that I’ve used it at least 10 times in the past 6 months… times that by all people who buy trough mobile and then 2.3 millon is actually a reasonable figure. I can also see how mobile is the future almost everything can be bought on the internet and I have a feeling this is just the tip of the Iceberg.

Finally, what I had been waiting for, the panel discussion. Eric Weaver introduced the panel : Joe Drumgoole, VP Product Management for FeedHenry, James Howell, Operator Channel Lead for Microsoft, Michael Barr, CTO for JamPot Technologies Ltd (an amazing company), Conor Winders, CEO of Redwind Software (loved the mow nice to see that anyone can be a CEO not just “suits”), Sylvie McDermott, Mobile Manager for Paddy Power and Simon Rees, Sales and Marketing Director for Idiro Technologies. Then the questions began. However it was really hard to connect or even understand the speakers as they use terms familiar to people in the mobile business for some time not so familiar to students especially not to me. The only thing I gained from the talks was some sound advice for the future. Start a company after college and build something (an app) and put it out there (apparently employers like this) hopefully I’ll be able to do both.!

To conclude was a real heart warming, cheerful and pretty awesome talk from Johnny Walker the Founder & Chairman of Global Diagnostics Ltd, a medical diagnoses system that uses mobile to connect doctors from all over the world to provide help to remote areas. Despite his ozzie accent and the fact he spoke at about 15mph it was interesting to see how mobile had passed the boundaries of personal into the realm of global. The perfect way to end a great seminar from which I take a lot valuable knowledge that will help me in years to come when mobile takes over.



If you want a bit more info on the speakers the amazing people at DCU and TechSpectations have a page just for that http://getmobile.marketinglab.ie/conference/get-mobile-2012/



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