The new kid on the block – Cloud computing

I attended my last ever DICE conference however this experience with shared with many others as it was the National Conference on Cloud Computing and Commerce. To start off my day I set up my DICE research poster with my team member, followed by two sets of judges coming around to ask as a few questions. After this I made my way to the conference below.

Our first speaker was Professor Martin Curley from Intel. His view was that cloud computing has just started, and here was me thinking it was nearly a finished product. He made a valid point saying this is a new era, we have changed from the 20th century marvel of the flow of electrons into the 21st century where the flow of knowledge has become supreme thanks to Moore’s Law.

Since this conference was Get Digital he mentioned the three main trends in this area: digitalisation, sustainability and mass collaboration. For me the discussion on sustainability was eye opening, as he read the quote “There is no planet B”. However I was glad to hear the efforts being made by multinational companies like Intel in collaboration with the EU to strive for a digital and sustainable Europe for 2020. Where we will be able to meets present needs without compromising future generations by changing from resourced based to knowledge based.


He also spoke about shared value; where corporate performance is integrated with the development of communities in the area.  He left on a positive note as he explained Intel’s mission for the future: “This decade we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth”. Quite a challenge to say the least however the great determination and high expectations will as he said help Intel to achieve this goal.

Following this corporate view Dr. Constantine Grudgiev, gave the economic point of view. He stressed that cloud computing is only a platform as it has define boundaries. He also said that current economic systems are unable to handle the future shift from physical capital to human capital. He mentioned that major reforms will be needed if cloud computing is the way economies want to move forwards as the world will shift to disembodied services with issues like the fact you cannot collateralize human capital.


From his discussions I felt that he believes there are too many problems with cloud computing for it to truly move forward none the less he gave some steps that would have to be implemented for its success. Firstly to change the imbalanced tax system by pushing income tax down and corporate tax up. Also to increase the flow of skills and retain these by only developing the main cities: Dublin, Galway, Cork and possibly Limerick. Most importantly to stop trusting politicians. Finally a change in mentality is also needed according to him we must be more tolerant of success even if we are not. This outlook was a bit daunting to hear yet good to learn to start thinking about it now before it’s too late.

Next up was who I personally was waiting for; Microsoft and speaking on their behalf was Clare Dillon. The vision of cloud computing for them was revolving around this multi device phenomenon we are seeing in today’s society. She highlighted how much social technology has changed our life’s, to the extent that it has changed the way we live, the way we do thing and has in  my opinion invaded everywhere. There are no certain demographic groups anymore and this just opened my eyes to how quickly cloud computing could have the same impact.

A key trend she pointed out is that now computing is everywhere so the new trend is to make it an integrated experience. After a video of Microsoft’s vision into the future I realized how close we already are to this reality where 5D allows for everything we touch to be integrated. But I wondered where cloud computing came into the equation; to me she was just explaining the speed of innovation. However the answer came quickly, everything that allows for this 5D experience and further intergraded experiences it’s all on the cloud. You wouldn’t be able to do 5D without it. Having someone from your office in China send you a report to show at your meeting in Paris, only achievable through cloud computing.

I was shocked because I can actually see the baby steps of this: Google Drive that I have now become addicted to for all my course work. I can see how as Clare said Cloud computing will become an everyday thing like electricity. Finally she left us with a very entrepreneurial quote “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” Hopefully something I’ll be doing some day!

A great ending to a highly engaging university module that has taught me more than words can describe but most importantly I now feel capable of leaving after my degree and setting up my own company something I have a few hesitations about before taking this module. DICE has been a great experience and I would highly recommend attending DICE conferences in the future!

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